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Thurrock police join Labour in slamming Tory cuts

THE THURROCK BOYS in Blue are now side by side with the Labour reds in slamming the proposed Tory cuts to the police services.

Labour leader of Thurrock Council, John Kent spoke out last week against the cuts which could see no police station open on a Saturday night in Thurrock as well as uncertainty over police numbers on the front line.

Portfolio holder for public protection, cllr Lynn Worrall has stressed how the council is working with the police on these matters.

Cllr Worrall said: “We have been doing a lot of work with Essex Police to ensure the best service possible for our residents. We can’t change what happens nationally but we can have an input at local level.

“I am going to Chelmsford this week to discuss Operation Blueprint and will continue to fight for the best service possible for our residents.

Now the Labour councillors have found an unlikely comrade in Ockendon police inspector Marc Jordan who has used his twitter account to help campaign against the cuts.

Inspector Jordan has asked followers to “Visit the police federation website and sign the Cuts are Criminal e-petition”

Inspector Jordan and his team worked long hours during the recent riots and are clearly concerned at the possible consequences to staffing levels on the Thurrock streets.

Inspector Jordan “retweeted” “Cuts of 20% to the police could delay response times and will have an impact on levels of crime.”

Thurrock residents have complained that yobs have taunted them saying: “Do your worst. The police won’t be coming.”

The comments fly in the face of recent statements by Thurrock Conservatives.

Yesterday, shadow portfolio holder for public protection, cllr James Halden issued a press statement putting the blame on Labour.

Cllr Halden said: “Despite the funding cuts made necessary by Labours legacy of debt, Essex will in fact have more officers out and about.”


  1. Hold on a moment, do Essex Police not talk to each other over their plans or are they out to dupe the public, this Inspector claims that cust to frontline staff will be made; however, in a recent article a spokesperson for Essex Police stated “Under the new Blueprint we are increasing the number of police officers in neighbourhood policing teams by around 12 percent (from 472 to 527), helping to increase our visible policing presence.”

    So come on Essex Police who is telling the truth here, will there be cuts to officers on the streets or an increse of 12%, somebody is either trying to pull the wool over our eyes or an Inspector is walking a very fine line between policing and party politics.

    As I have said previously I am all for theclosure of police stations to the public where they are no used as this makes complete financial sense but any cuts to the number of officers / PCSO’s would be unacceptable.

    Further details need to be put to the public regarding these changes as it would seem that the Inspector is out of sync with what the Essex Police statement says, I trust YT will get to the bottom of this…

  2. I wholeheartedly support the role of our police – our local neighbourhood police team are excellent. But I can’t see how closing the reception area of a police station (which is hardly ever visited), thereby freeing up officers, can delay response time. We are about 6 or 7 miles from the nearest police station: we would do what everyone else does these days and report a crime by ‘phone. We are not going to get in a car or book a taxi to take us to Grays or Tilbury to speak to someone face-to-face. Even if there was a police station a mile away, we would still use the ‘phone. Surely presenting vehicle documents, making a witess statement etc can all be done during the proposed opening times?
    It is a shame that any services are facing cuts – but we can be grown-up about it and help to ensure that the cuts are made in the most effective way. Fewer officers sitting behind the reception desk all night, doing nothing, means more officers avaiable to respond to crime by being out in the community.

  3. As I’ve said before, we the country voted for the Tories, so now we have to suffer for whatever they wish to do!
    They know best!

  4. You are correct jmw118 the same as the country previously voted for Labour and we are all suffering because of them………


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