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Council investigates missing contents of charity hamper

A PROBE has been launched into what happened to the contents of two gift hampers donated to Thurrock Council for charity.

Last christmas, three hampers were presented to Tilbury councillors Steve Liddiard, Lynn Worrall and Bukky Okunade by the Tilbury branch of the Redeemed Christian Church Of God.

Cllrs Liddiard and Worrall donated their hampers to the office of then Mayor, Anne Cheale.

YT understands that the intention was that the hampers were to be part of a raffle in the spring however Thurrock Council is having difficulty tracing exactly where the hampers went after being delivered by the church.

Cllr Worrall has reported the matter to the council’s monitoring officer.

A Council spokesperson has confirmed the investigation, saying: “Thurrock Council has received a complaint, but not a complaint to the standards committee, regarding hampers. The Council is investigating.”


  1. I’m sure that they will turn up in time to be donated to some other worthy cause for this Christmas!
    Won’t they…..?

  2. Why is it that every comment from Thurrrock has me reacting with cynicism? Why did Thurrock’s spokesperson have to add “…but not a complaint to the standsards commitee….” ? Are they saying that they have established that this was nothing do do with councillors or that councillors were involved but the complaintant hasn’t involved the standarrds committtee. I’m not a betting person, but I wouldn’t like to offer a guess at the odds. Whoever took them has no shame – how can anyone steal donations from a church and make no mistake that’s what it is – theft.

  3. Cllr Worrall has reported the matter to the council’s monitoring officer.A Council spokesperson has confirmed the investigation, saying: “Thurrock Council has received a complaint, but not a complaint to the standards committee, regarding hampers. The Council is investigating”Does this mean that it some one that works within the council why would they say? It is Not a complaint to the standards committee. Isn’t that for members and officers? My interpretation form this article is someone inside the council has stolen these hampers if so NAME AND SHAME THIS PERSON THEN SACK THIIS PERSON IMMEDIATELY MR FARRENT PUT YOUR WEIGHT BEHIND THIS IT CAN  NOT BE TOLARATED

  4. Oh I wonder where they could have gone? Surely no one at the council would have taken a wonderful hamper full of goodies home? Perish the thought!

  5. Last Christmas, some hampers went missing and they are investigating it now this council is so speedy we are only in September 9 months some investigation. Who had access and what were they being raffled for what charity. Who can believe people could have stolen these hampers where was the security and how did they just walk out surly they wasn’t just left on the front desk and their must be a back up cctv

     this just shows you

     to pilfer a hamper from the church what a low life and at Christmas which is intended to be a season of goodwill who has ever taken these should be totally ashamed and the full weight of the police she be used against these sort of people and if any one knows who did this should step forward if not you are part of this sickening behavior you are aiding and abetting please step forward because I’m sure who as ever stolen this is no good even if you didn’t have a penny the church would have given you a hamper Cllr Kent And Anderson you should make this a high priority to show people this will not be tolerated Poor councilor Worrall and Liddard and who has made a complaint to the council. Do they know who this member of the public is?

  6. Last christmas, three hampers were presented to Tilbury councillors Steve Liddiard, Lynn Worrall and Bukky Okunade by the Tilbury branch of the Redeemed Christian Church Of God.
    So let me get this right the hampers went missing for 9 months so we can assume that they have not been misplaced or surly they would have turned up before now. If this matter was known to the monitoring office why didn’t they ask the police to become involved? Because if an allegation was made to Thurrock council any time before Lynn Worrall and Steve Liddiard, surely if they were conscious and in full knowledge of the entire situation this would without doubt be seen by members of the public That Thurrock council might be implicated with this situation? If a member of the public had two hampers stolen from them where would they go to report it? The police full stop. Thurrock council is investigating it we all know what that means behind closed doors in top secret like Joy Redsells investigation Theft is a matter for the police and can only be dealt with by the police, When you consider these hampers was going to be raffled in the spring for the mayors charity it’s even more repulsive Thurrock council have a moral obligation to locate the culprits who did this grubby low life robbery of the hampers. In conclusion if Thurrocks council investigation points a finger at an individual or individuals surely the next step in the proceedings would be police involvement so why waste time and tax payers money when you have the police force there who will treat this theft without bias and do a robust professional investigation this is what the tax payers pay for the police services

  7. Front page of this weeks Essex Enquirer says the contents were handed out amongst Conservative councillors after being removed from the Mayors Office. The Mayor was alerted and the missing items replaced.

  8. t states in the Essex enquirer that the missing hampers was distributed amongst some conservative councilors There is a word for this it’s called THEFT Labour councilors gifted these hampers to the mayors charity the NSPCC they wasn’t just forgotten about they wasn’t there long enough. The conservative’s councilors should be named and publicly humiliated and made to resign without delay, the minute they put the items in their bag its THEFT and the legal department in Thurrock should take note of the article below the councilor below was SUSPECTED of stealing a couple of savory items not three hampers that was donated to raise money for deprived and abused children READ IT THURROCKS LEGALS AND Call in the police to show transparency

    A respected Gloucestershire county councilor has been forced to resign in shame from the county police authority after being cautioned for theft, it has emerged.
    Alan Preest, a Conservative member of Forest of Dean District Council and Gloucestershire County Council, was arrested on suspicion of theft on August 8 following an incident at Tesco supermarket in Lydney two days earlier. On August 7, Gloucestershire police said: “We were told there was a man suspected of taking items from the savory area of the store,
    2. Leader of Sandwell council quits after being charged with theft
    3. Oct 26 2009 by John Marsden, Birmingham Post
    4. Add a comment
    5. Recommend
    6. The leader of Sandwell council, Bill Thomas, has quit as head of the authority after being arrested and charged with theft, it has been revealed.
    7. The resignation of 69-year-old Coun Thomas on Friday “shook the foundations” of the authority, said a colleague.

    Read More http://www.birminghampost.net/news/politics-news/2009/10/26/leader-of-sandwell-council-quits-after-being-charged-with-theft-65233-25012990/#ixzz1Wk1c30og

  9. Today on Your Thurrock I read this article in the crime column

    “Two couples, possibly of Eastern European origin, were in the estate agents and distracted a woman member of staff and stole her purse from her handbag. The black leather purse contained around £300 in cash, credit cards and a driving licence.”

    It goes on to say call Crimestoppers, but if they give back the money is that okay as it seems to be the example set by the Conservative councillers of Thurrock.

  10. Well Santas Little helpers -helped themselves did they? this certainly takes the biscuit (shortbread no doubt) along with a rather nice bottle of red, some chutney and maybe some after dinner mints!!! Seriously how low can you get, I hear some councilors rather enjoy being covered in muck but this has to stick and no amount of whitewash scrubbing is going to clean this off, this is surely the lowest of the low! Items don’t go missing they are stolen pure and simple! even if they are replaced or re-donated at a later date doesn’t mean its not theft. If you raided Comets, nicked a flat screen TV over christmas then took it back its ok is it! rioters have been jailed for taking a packet of chewing gum but stealing from gifts intended for charity at Christmas is in my opinion even worse and deserves the full force of the law to be used. I bet there was a local old people home or children’s cancer chaity they could have raised money through the use of those hampers instead some greedy, selfish people helped themselves…. hang you heads in shame whoever was responsible. I have visions of these greedy people rifling through the contents picking out the best bits and laughing at all of you!! and as for the church which donated them… what on earth must they think of Thurrock Council now. How grubby can it get?

  11. You couldn’t make it up. Keen to please their paymasters, the Thurrock Enquirer and Your Thurrock ran a pretty bland story about hampers going missing in the Civic Offices last Christmas. The Enquirer even made it a front page story.

    One Tree Hill understands that with the support of an ex-Tory worker, John Kent ordered the story to be whipped up. John rarely gets his hands dirty in person, but now that Terry Hipsey isn’t playing ball at the moment, he sent out the well elocuted ‘ahhht n abahht Tilbry’ cabinet member, Lynn Worrall who reported to the legal department that Tory councillors may have manhandled the goods. Tampered and hampered aye?

    In essence the story is that a local church donated a couple of hampers to Tilbury councillors. The councillors decided to donate them to the Mayor for her distribution. It was then proposed to the Mayor by a member of staff and a Conservative councillor to add more goods to them and tart them up further, something the mayor consented too.

    Now you tell One Tree Hill how that warrants front page news?

    It transpires that the spruced up hampers were then raffled off by the said Conservative councillor who managed to raise £2,000 for St Luke’s Hospice and much to the delight of the mayor. The legal department has dismissed the complaint and ruled that there was no wrong doing.

    A pitiful, very low brow and desperate attempt at a smear and poor judgment call by the respective editors who have just been embarrassed by taking at first hand the gossip of a certain disgruntled official and the idiotic clarion calls of a Tilbury Labour councillor.

    Maybe a little donation to St Luke’s is called for?

    Mike as the story says The legal department has dismissed the complaint
    so can we now name the people involved as there would not be a problem as the complaint has been dismissed

  12. Albert – thank you for sharing that article.

    Am I the only one that finds it rather peculiar and some what arrogant of the un-named Conservative Councillor to decide that the Labour Councillors hampers weren’t good enough and needed ‘to tart them up further’.

    Something fishy about the excuses being given in that article Albert. No doubt Conservative Councilors would have been given orders not to talk to the press.

    There are some bad apples amongst the Conservative Councillors and the soone Phil Anderson decontaminates his group the better for politics in Thurrock.

    One does wonder if the usual suspect is at the heart of this latest scandal?

  13. Recently concerning this story Mike I have heard a lot of rumors as to who these councilors were. What I would like to know firstly how they gained access to the mayor’s office moreover what was they doing in the mayor’s office other people stated it was the first they had heard of it. And then going home and knock back double ovaltines. I personally think the members involved in this completely unacceptable scenario shouldn’t wait to be asked questions they should step forward if they feel nothing unto wards has happened I think the key factors is the time and dates in this matter it’s been suggested to me this whole matter came to light around April or March if that is the case and nothing was done about this situation as usual and again with the usual suspects can Thurrock council blame anyone for whistle blowing this information. If the dates in question are correct it clearly indicates a cover up once yet again and this burdens and tarnishes’ the other members of the group who have integrity principles and honest also very hard working councilors’ for their wards. In my view these members should step forward with their explanation of the incident which I believe is totally preposterous for two reasons the time and dates and when have you ever heard of councilors’ looking for free publicity about their political group surly it would have been in the local press about the £2000 raised but it doesn’t say purely from these hampers which could have been a small percentage of the total sum raised. What next Mike have we got to put CCTV outside charity shops in Thurrock to stop Tory councilors going around and up grading the donations outside their doors? Mike why this story is being suppressed, what other type of comments can members of the public make why the blogs and the truth being suppressed

  14. According to the Essex Enquirer hampers were handed to the Mayors Office in December and then hampers were handed to St Lukes Hospice much later. So thats the end of the story and whatever may or may not have happened to them while waiting to be passed on is no longer of any concern. Another scandal swept under the carpet.

  15. Has any person made inquiries to the Previous Mayor has these hampers was donated with a good heart how must the church feel who are these people to judge what is good enough this is a gift from the heart. How dare these individuals I believe in my opinion they had taken items and tried to be dishonest with the truth in my own perception But don’t worry about the poor churches position? in all of this by certain conservative councilors they show no regard for certain people feelings by saying the hampers wasn’t good enough to be raffled it’s a gift that’s all that matters


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