Council investigates missing contents of charity hamper

A PROBE has been launched into what happened to the contents of two gift hampers donated to Thurrock Council for charity.

Last christmas, three hampers were presented to Tilbury councillors Steve Liddiard, Lynn Worrall and Bukky Okunade by the Tilbury branch of the Redeemed Christian Church Of God.

Cllrs Liddiard and Worrall donated their hampers to the office of then Mayor, Anne Cheale.

YT understands that the intention was that the hampers were to be part of a raffle in the spring however Thurrock Council is having difficulty tracing exactly where the hampers went after being delivered by the church.

Cllr Worrall has reported the matter to the council’s monitoring officer.

A Council spokesperson has confirmed the investigation, saying: “Thurrock Council has received a complaint, but not a complaint to the standards committee, regarding hampers. The Council is investigating.”

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