Friday, May 24, 2024

YourThurrock celebrates third birthday

TIME flies but here we go into our fourth year. We won’t dwell as there are stories to write, films to put up and then another busy day ahead.

Just a quick thank you to all our viewers/readers.

Our readership has grown: In August 2009, we had 33,000 page views; in August 2010 we had 56,000 page views and in August 2011 it grew to 87,000 page views. Our youtube page ( gets over 1600 views per day. So all in all, we are very pleased with our progress.

We are out and about, seven days per week: celebrating and showcasing the good and then doing a fair bit of questioning as well. Sometimes right, sometimes wrong, always certain!

Since Sept 2008, well over 200 printed local newspapers have closed down. The industry has changed. That means the business model is bust. So. look at our advertising rates.

We are not hell bent on world domination, we are just happy doing what we do and if you look around the country, there are similar versions of YT. Ventnor Blog on the Isle of Wight, Felixstowe TV, Lichfield Life, UTV and many many more.

The future of local news will probably be, one journalist, one administrator (Hello Mrs Casey) and a team of contributors. We would like to say a big thank you to all our twenty plus contributors especially the long suffering Mike Jones.

We would also say thanks to all our sponsors. Without you, YT would not be possible.

So, on we go. Our hunger for news burns as brightly. So please give us your press release, invite us to your event and indeed, advertise your event.


Michael and the team.


  1. Congratulations YT!
    Its good that the general public can comment on your website without fear of being condemed as not PC.
    Shame that TBC councillors and ex councillors use it for more party points scoring though.


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