Wednesday, November 29, 2023

The re-flowering of Ockendon is coming up roses

THERE SEEMS TO BE a perfect storm of community interaction in South Ockendon at the moment. Residents, council officials and councillors have got together to improve the look of the Flowers Estate.

Earlier in the summer, we joined councillors Lyn Carr and Amanda Arnold on a walkabout in the area. Next week, we will be filming interviews with the street reps. Last week, we spoke to resident Steve Woolard as he embarked on putting more flowers on the flowers estate as well as cllr Carr as she has campaigned for the greening of a derelict ball court.


  1. Could you not extend perfect storm to the Belhus Ward, as we are constantly bombarded 24/7 by lorries which pollute our air and our ears through constant noise, perhaps a barrier so that we along Stifford Road, wont hear the constant drone of the M25, and at weekends the noise of Essex Arena and if the wind is in the right direction, you also know who is racing who and when, because of the tannoy system and the roar of the motor bikes and the cars, I know we live in a forgotten area of South Ockendon, and we also know that the Flower Estate always comes first in everything, whilst we get nothing, I dont think our local elected councillors know where the Belhus Ward starts and ends, if they do then we have been abandoned by them, so please bring a little bit of joy to us down in the belhus ward who live along the Stifford Road area faceing Hangmans Woods.


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