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Volunteers wanted at the Royal Opera House

THE ROYAL OPERA House are officially launching a “Volunteer Pool” at the Royal Opera House in Purfleet.

Joining their pool means that you will to eligible to volunteer for all our upcoming events and opportunities as well as accessing a number of benefits, including:

Get togethers’ with other ROH volunteers and ROH staff (twice yearly)

Training and skills development

Travel expenses (where appropriate)

Regular email communication from our team.

They have three training events coming up in October / November 2011 that you would be eligible to take part in. This is a fantastic opportunity to develop your skills. The training events will be whole days, or two half days covering the following areas:

First Aid training

Safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults

Dealing with the public – lead by ROH staff

All these events are completely free to volunteers

By being a part of our pool gives you the chance to be part of a community of other volunteers that share similar interests. By joining the pool they don’t expect you to say yes to helping them with all their events all of the time, it will enable them to ensure they have enough volunteers for every event they run and gives everyone the opportunity to volunteer in the areas they are most interested in.

If you would like to join the volunteer pool, e-mail by 5.00pm Wednesday 14 September 2011.

Please note any applicants must be at least 18 years of age.


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