Thursday, April 18, 2024

Chief Constable set to address council

THE CHIEF CONSTABLE of Essex is set to address next weeks meeting of Thurrock Council.

In the meeting it is anticipated that he will outline the blueprint for the future of Essex Police, with specific reference to Thurrock.

Essex Police need to find over £40 million in savings across the county.

This could see over 400 officers and 600 admin staff leave.

It was also recently announced that no police station will be open on a Saturday night in the borough.


  1. Isn’t it only the reception desk which will not be open? It will business as usual round the back, hauling in anyone who is misbehaving won’t it? Or has that changed as well?

  2. What is it all coming too ?, carry on voting Tory folks….oh yes, remember the infamous front page of the sun. The last one in Britain, turn the lights off before you leave.

  3. Colin, we could all continue to vote Labour, wouldn’t need to turn the lights off as we would have no money left to power any lights 🙂

    If it was not for the last labour administration throwing money down the drain every minute then the cuts that are affecting the country may not have to be so bad, they squandered the countries reserves without a care in the world and now the whole country has to tighten their belts due to their mis-manangement of the finances.

    The original story behind these closures has changes some-what, when it was first published we were told that Essex Police would be increasing the front line police by some 14% and it was only front desk closures which made complete sense as they are hardly used by the public.

    Could this story just be wild speculation about the numbers to get people to notice it? we will have to wait and see what the Chief Constable has to say…..


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