Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Viking warrior Beowulf comes to battle at Thameside

Thurrock Museum has secured a workshop / performance piece which relates to our Thurrock Anglo-Saxon settlements and culture of the time. Beowulf is a powerful Viking warrior, who battles the monsters Grendel and Grendella, to free the people in the kingdom of Daneland. Beowulf has the strength of thirty men and must use all of his might to slay the dark, enchanted creatures. The story was being told in England from about the 600-700A.D. period, by Anglo Saxon settlers, who had brought the tales with them from their homeland to places like Mucking and Fobbing !

To explore this historic culture the Thurrock Museum is delighted to have secured a performance piece based on ‘Beowulf’ on Saturday 24th September, 2-4pm at the Thurrock Museum and Thameside Theatre. The Anglo Saxon World of Beowulf is a brand new piece of theatre, telling the Anglo Saxon story of the ancient legend of Beowulf. It is a sung-through piece, with an original score by Southend composer, David Stanley. The show has been written by Southend writer, Tony Michaels. There will be short performances with music in the foyer by the Early Music Group of the Yardarm Folk Orchestra, video introduction and overview of the ‘Beowulf’ project, a storyteller performance of Beowulf’s first encounter with Grendel by the well known and excellent Mike Dodsworth – Storyteller Laureate for Essex and concludes with video footage of Grendella’s lament from the full scale performance held in Priory Park, Southend recently.

The audience will be encouraged to have a question and answer session with the performer, director, composer and writer before further tours of Thurrock Museum.

All ages welcome and the event is free thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund! Tickets can be collected from Thameside Theatre before the event.


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