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Young and poor voters in Thurrock could “lose” their vote

As many as 10 million voters, predominantly poor, young or black, and more liable to vote Labour, could fall off the electoral register under government plans warns the Electoral Commission.

The changes will pave the way for a further review of constituency boundaries that will reduce the number of safe Labour seats before the 2020 election.

MPs on the political and constitutional reform select committee only realised the implications of the plans following three evidence sessions with election experts over the past week to examine the white paper which proposes to introduce individual electoral registration rather than household registration before the 2015 election reports the BBC.

The committee chairman, Labour MP Graham Allen, said they were “genuinely shocked”. Even Tory members such as Eleanor Laing expressed surprise.

The policy has been described by Jenny Russell, the chair of the electoral commission, as the biggest change to voting since the introduction of the universal franchise.

Ministers have unexpectedly proposed that it should no longer be compulsory to co-operate with electoral registration officers (EROs) when they try to compile an accurate register, in effect downgrading the civic duty to engage with politics.

Russell warned: “It is logical to suggest that those that do not vote in elections will not see the point of registering to vote and it is possible that the register may therefore go from a 90% completeness that we currently have to 60-65%.”

John Stewart, chairman of the electoral registration officers, said the drop-off was likely to be 10% in “the leafy shires” but closer to 30% in inner city areas. He said there would be an incentive not to register as the list is used for jury service and to combat credit fraud. He said he expected large numbers of young voters would not register.

The projected 30% fall off in registered voters, weighted towards poorer voters, would require the boundary commission to reduce the number of inner-city Labour seats because the Boundary Commission is required to draw up constituencies with the sole objective of equalising the size of the electorates and not to take into account natural or political borders.

It is already estimated that as many as 3 million people currently eligible to vote do not register even though it is compulsory to co-operate with the compilation of the registry.

Although individual registration will be introduced before the 2015 general election, ministers have said the names on the existing household register can be carried over on to the election register, so reducing the impact.

Tristam Hunt, a Labour committee member, said: “These plans show how little this government really cares about democracy or fairness. If they get away with it, the effect on the 2020 general election will make the chaotic boundary review published this week look minor. This is designed to wipe the poor and the young off the political map.

“We are moving from a notion of registering as part as a civic duty to something akin to personal choice like a Nectar card or BA miles.”


  1. If the 3 main political parties thought voting would change anything or meant anything in a democracy they would abolish it. Since when did the wishes of voters have anything to do with what governments actually do. The reason the Labour party are up in arms about this is because it ruins everyting they thought they would gain out of their policy of mass immigration and benefits for all. Otherwise they wouldn’t care less.

  2. Upthereds has really highlighted all you need to know about this issue. People are seeing Politicians breaking their election promises and ignoring their voters as a matter of routine. Why should anybody be interested in voting when voting doesn’t appear to count for anything? I don’t think that the young or the poor are ‘losing’ their vote so much as they just don’t see the point, so are not bothering to register to vote.

  3. upthereds and gray64 have hit the nail on the head, none of the main parties can no longer be trusted to hold their end of the bargain, each successive government have reneged on everything that they stood for before they were elected, until a party actualy does what it says on the tin voting in this country will always be a joke


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