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Ockendon councillor attacked from the left

WE BELIEVE it was the late, great Gerry Rafferty that wrote “Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am………”

That is how, young (here comes the cliche) left wing firebrand, Ockendon councillor Aaron Kiely must feel after a fellow left wing student has branded him a disgrace for apologising after tweets he made during last months riots made reference to police oppression.

Writing for, the distinctly proletarian-sounding Daniel Lemberger Cooper, Royal Holloway students union president

Mr Lemberger states: “AWL has no illusions about the riots. Nonetheless, we hope we do not to need to explain what is wrong with a self-styled left-winger condemning rioters as criminals and praising the police. Kiely’s comments are particularly disgraceful after the experience of police repression against student protesters (at the time this was published, a member of the NCAFC National Committee was in prison for a protest at the Lib Dems’ conference) and in the context of vicious class-hate judges flinging hundreds of young working-class people in jail for trivial riot-connected offences. Some student activists have also suffered this fate.

(We hope that no one will fall for the argument that Labour councillors have no choice but to behave like this. Unlike Kiely, some other Labour councillors were elected on a clear class-struggle/anticuts ticket and would never speak out in support of the police.)

“We call on Student Broad Left, which has so far maintained a stony silence, to condemn Kiely’s comments and hold him to account. Beyond that, however, there is a wider issue here for the student left.”

We won’t ask cllr Kiely for a comment. The arguments have moved on but perhaps the extreme left wing haven’t. Venceremos.


  1. You have to laugh, Mr Kiely first comes out broadly in support of the rioters and then, under pressure from disgruntled voters and Labour colleagues, issues a heartfelt apology (I know, I’m being sarcastic!) and changes his stance to that of condemning the rioters and praising the Police. Now he gets attacked by left wing students who call the comments in his apology ‘disgraceful’. So, Mr Kiely, which way do you blow on this? Do you fully stand by your original comments (being an ex left wing student yourself I would like to bet that you do) or do you stand by your apology? You can’t have it both ways. But of course, now you are a politician, you have to abandon your strongly held beliefs and blow whichever way the wind blows don’t you? Being a Cllr, you now understand that people just won’t vote for the farcical left wing ideas you once so strongly held. Bitter pill Mr Kiely?

  2. Just a quick google of Cllr Kiely and you can see that he has caused a lot of upset with the NUS for his apology and has also been offered to debate the subject, wonder if he will accept that offer??

    We all ahve our own views of the rioters and has been publicised the majority of those arrested and charged are not first time offenders and were not out to make a “social” point as Cllr Keily wanted to make out, it does seem very strange that the NUS are defending the hooligans that ran riot in the streets, is this an insight into the mindset of our Students??


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