Noisy neighbour fined heavily by council

A MAN was fined by Basildon Magistrates after they heard that he continually caused a noise nuisance to neighbours in Grays.

Although the defendant, Lee Fenwick, of Whitehall Lane, did not appear in court on Thursday (22 September) the magistrates found the case proved in his absence and he was fined £250, and ordered to pay £350 in costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

The court heard that Fenwick had been a persistent offender with loud amplified music that has disturbed his neighbours.

Thurrock Council’s Environmental Protection Team had served a Noise Abatement Notice at the property during August 2008. When the notice was breached an operation was implemented under warrant to seize all items believed to have been used by Fenwick to breach the notice.

The seized items — including music mixer decks, amplifiers, stereos, and similar equipment — were subsequently returned after he made payment to the council..

It was hoped this action would encourage Fenwick to improve his behaviour, but following further breaches of the notice, the council brought Fenwick in front of magistrates in 2009 — he pleaded guilty to three offences of breaching the notice — and he was fined.

Despite receiving warning letters in 2010 and again in January this year, Fenwick again breached the notice and Environmental Protection officers witnessed a breach on 4 March, leading to court proceedings being launched again.

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