Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Education boss outlines vision for the future

SINCE Oliver Gerrish took over as portfolio boss for education (and childrens services) there has been a seismic shift in focus. It seemed that the Tories eventually broke the former portfolio holder down under questioning when she stated that academies were “grammar schools by stealth”.

Cllr Gerrish has laid stress on partnership working and so has already received a much warmer welcome. Then again it could not have got any worse. However, any councillor that can shine when taking on the Central Services clearly has a chance to enhance the council’s reputation with respect to education and childrens services.


  1. With the number of schools opting out of local authority controlm and becoming academies perhaps time to cut back in the back room staff and for Cllr Gerrish to take a cut in expenses?


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