Victory for residents as ‘Family from Hell” not moving into their street

THE RESIDENTS of Wallace Road, Grays were celebrating last night as the council announced that the fourteen-strong Price family would not be moving into their street.

Last week, YT reported that residents of the street had gathered a petition with three hundred signatures as well as organising a meeting with the council to express their concerns.

The family has a notorious reputation in the area for a number of acts of anti-social behaviour and residents in the quiet back street were fearful of the consequences of the family moving into a specially adapted eight-bedroomed house.

A resident that did not wish to be named said: “This is the wrong street. It is quiet and close knit. That family moving here would have created a lot of upset.

“We are pleased the council have listened.”

A spokesperson for Thurrock Council said: “The council was upfront and open throughout the process.

“Discussions were held with the family concerned and with potential new neighbours. Following those discussions, it has been decided not to move the family.

“The council is continuing to seek appropriate accommodation.”

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