Fare dodger let off £6,500 worth of unpaid fines from railways

A SERIAL FARE dodger who had accumulated over £7,000 worth of fines for avoiding paying his railfare over the last few years had £6,500 of the fines wiped off at a stroke at Basildon Magistrates Court today (Monday)

Wayne Gunn, 34, Chelmer House, Chadwell St Mary pled guilty to the offences that had occurred both in Bedfordshire and Essex.

The total tally of fines came to £7,268.00.

Mr Gunn, a former drug addict told the court that he had once accumulated seventeen fines in one day in the course of his work as a Big Issue seller.

The clerk of the court was able to advise the magistrates bench on the labyrinthe of charges and fines in respect of the fare evasion.

Once that had been established all three magistrates decided to waive £6,500 of the fines on the basis that it would “probably take him twenty years to pay”

Gunn was fined £500.

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