Miliband spin doctor favourite for Thurrock seat

IT WAS A busy weekend in the borough for Ed Miliband’s former special advisor, Polly Billington as she helped local Labour campaigns in Corringham on Saturday and Tilbury on Sunday.

On Saturday, Ms Billington manned the Labour stall in Corringham town centre as they looked for signatures to petition against the closure of Corringham police station.

On Sunday, the woman behind the successful campaign to get Ed Miliband elected as Labour leader toured Tilbury.

Former journalist, Polly is also in town today meeting a number of local Labour councillors in the area.

With the election of a prospective parliamentary candidate for Thurrock due later this month, many consider Polly Billington to be the favourite.

It is an all-womens short list.

It appears that long time favourite, cllr Val Morris-Cook may not be standing. Val was Polly’s chaperone and chauffeur at the weekend. That may well mean that there will be no local candidate.

Other names thrown into the ring are Sarah MacKinlay, daughter of former Thurrock MP between 1992 and 2010, Andrew MacKinlay as well as Sally Bercow and Dawn Butler.

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