Another council meeting: Another half empty chamber……

WE BELIEVE it was Sir Paul McCartney who wrote: “Gotta see it my way……”

Last month we wrote that there was a 20% absentee rate among councillors at a full council meeting.

We were sure they all had valid reasons but we felt that it was something that somebody needed to look at.

Last night, we attended the Cleaner, Greener and Safer Overview and Scrutiny Committee (snappy title).

Once again, there was a twenty per cent absentee rate.

No cllr Joy Redsell and no cllr Claire Baldwin.

The Tories did not have a sub present nor were there any apologies. Labour organised a sub but cllr Sue Gray did not turn up either.

We have a million other stories to write but feel that the respective leader, cllr John Kent and cllr Phil Anderson need to get a grip of this situation.

Look at it this way: If we turned up to Grays Athletic and week after week, only eight players turned up to play: what do you think people would think?

If only half the cast of an act at the Thameside turned up?

On both occasions, customers would be entitled to ask for their money back.

We think that might be the way, that Sir Paul meant when he said: “We can work it out.”

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