Thursday, April 18, 2024

Committee praised for East Tilbury clean-up

LAST MONTH, East Tilbury councillors, John Purkiss and Barry Palmer slammed the work of the Thurrock Council Be Smart team. claiming that many of the teams were hiding in their ward.

Portfolio holder, cllr Val Morris-Cook (Lab) likes a challenge and working in tandem with the increasingly impressive young chair, cllr James Halden (Cons) they set to remedy the situation.

On Monday night, the committee reported back that a number of teams had been down to East Tilbury to facilitate a clean-up.

Chair James Halden said: “This has been a great example of councillors from both parties as well as officers working together for the better of the borough.

“We now plan to pilot a multi-skill team and address a concern from councillors and members of the public as well as illustrate a way of smarter thinking.”

The East Tilbury pilot will run from Mid-May to November 2012 and will involve dedicated teams, use of IT and mapping to enhance and augment the delivery of cleaning and environmental services.

Councillors did express their disappointment that the East Tilbury councillors did not involve themselves in discussions regarding the pilot.


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