Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Court slam police after letting bailed “wife beater” walk free

MAGISTRATES at Basildon magistrates court questioned the reasons behind police freeing a man on bail for a domestic violence charge after he was arrested for an alleged attack on the same woman.

Westley Anderson, 23 appeared at the court and pled guilty to an attack on Sherrilyn Speid in her home in Caspian Way, Purfleet on the 16th May, 2011.

The court heard that it was a horrifying attack that left his former partner with a suspected broken hand, extensive bruising and a number of cuts.

Anderson was arrested at the time and bailed.

Prosecuting agent, James Burnham told the court that Anderson was arrested for an alleged similar offence on the 7th July with the City of London police force area but he was given a caution and released.

The magistrates led by chair, Mr McCabe, questioned why the police in the City of London had released him, knowing he was already on bail for an alleged similar attack.

Anderson will be sentenced on October 28th.



  1. Well this is a turn up for the books, a Magistrate having a go at the Police for letting someone out on bail, tut tut tut Essex Police you should know by now that it is the Magistrates job to keep freeing people 🙂

  2. Would that be the same Ms Sherrilyn Speid who attempted to kill an Insulate Britain protestor who was peacefully sitting on the road in front of her posh car? Was she charged with anything?


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