Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Lib-Dems claim credit for Thurrock schools cash boost

Schools in Thurrock will be over £2 million better off thanks the Pupil Premium. The Liberal Democrat policy that is being enacted by the Coalition Government will see an extra £488 for each pupil on free school meals. This money can be used to provide catch-up classes, one-to-one tuition, etc.

Local campaigner, Kevin Mulroue, said: “The Pupil Premium is going to make a real difference to the pupils and parents of Thurrock. It is so important that we tackle the inequality of results – that has grown over the decades – between the richest pupils and the poorest pupils. This key Lib Dem policy will be a part of doing that.

“Of the £2 million going to Thurrock schools, £43,432 will be going the Stifford Primary School, in order so that the children at that school have the best possible opportunities in later life.”


  1. maybe the Lib Dems in the coalition should look at the Teachers salaries and their working conditions whilst they are looking at the pupils, also when will the government stop chopping and changing the National Curriculum, just when teachers start to enable one process along comes the government and changes it all again.

    Also get rid of SATS for younger children, these tests are put added pressure on both the pupils and the teaching staff, all school league tables are made up of modified test results where the sole vision of the schools is centered around the tests rather than constructive teaching.

    Yes I know that teachers get several weeks holiday but the majority of them actually work through these with planning etc for the next term, also they don’t just work 9-5 the majority are in befor 08:00 and are still working after 19:00.

    Lets give the teachers a fair deal as well as the pupils.


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