Lib-Dems claim credit for Thurrock schools cash boost

Schools in Thurrock will be over £2 million better off thanks the Pupil Premium. The Liberal Democrat policy that is being enacted by the Coalition Government will see an extra £488 for each pupil on free school meals. This money can be used to provide catch-up classes, one-to-one tuition, etc.

Local campaigner, Kevin Mulroue, said: “The Pupil Premium is going to make a real difference to the pupils and parents of Thurrock. It is so important that we tackle the inequality of results – that has grown over the decades – between the richest pupils and the poorest pupils. This key Lib Dem policy will be a part of doing that.

“Of the £2 million going to Thurrock schools, £43,432 will be going the Stifford Primary School, in order so that the children at that school have the best possible opportunities in later life.”

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