Friday, April 19, 2024

Fire chief: Aerosol arsonists are blighting Corringham

A TOP FIRE chief has hit out at mindless yobs in Corringham who are responsible for a string of fires at the weekend.

Crews have been called to six or seven incidents this weekend involving public bins being filled with aerosols and set on fire by bored youngsters. That brings the number of incidents to more than 10 in the past week – all in the vicinity of Corringham Town Centre Park and Springhouse Road.

“This is something we do not need – these mindless young people are diverting resources from where they are needed,” said Station Officer Wheal. “There have been a few at night, some during the day – two on Sunday afternoon.

“The common theme is the bin and aerosol cans – it may be a quick thrill when they go bang but if they explode in someone’s face there could be a nasty injury to the young people involved of the firefighters called to deal with them. We even had one this weekend in a dog litter bin.

“I would urge these kids to stop this before it gets out of hand.”


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