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Mystery surrounds councillor’s harassment complaint made to chief executive

MYSTERY surrounds a complaint of harassment made by a Labour councillor in front of the Thurrock Council chief executive last week.

Belhus councillor, Sue Gray made the complaint in her capacity as chair of South Ockendon Residents Association.

Chief executive of Thurrock Council, Graham Farrant was present at the meeting.

According to sources, the councillor told those present that abusive messages had been sent to her at Thurrock Council by a person called “Sue Perrin”.

She further informed the meeting that the matter “was in the hands of the police.”

YT contacted Thurrock Council who informed them that they were not aware of any complaint.

Essex Police also checked their records and confirmed that they were also not aware of any report from cllr Gray.

Cllr Gray told YT that “This was a private matter and did not wish to comment.”


  1. I think we have to look at the past history with this women and the facts. Not so long ago Cllr Gray and Cllr Wendy Curtis organised a private meeting with Mr Perrin on the understanding that any conflicts of interest about the minutes could be ironed out but instead it became a witch hunt where Me Perrin was assaulted and verbally abused by six individuals and the women who assaulted Mr Perrin was given a police caution. We now have a story about Cllr Gray recieving abusive phone calls from a Sue Perrin that nobody seems to know anything about ie Thurrock Council and the Police. She told YT that it was a private matter and yet she made a complaint as chair of SORA to all present including Mr Farrant. I think Mr Farrant needs to steer clear of this cllr and dismiss any allegations and comments she has made and understand from past history what is going on here.

  2. Am I surprised by Cllr Grays , NO. Am I surprised that she has lasted this long as a cllr NO. John Kent will do anything and everything to keep these lazy cllrs as long as it keeps him in power. I do feel for Mr Perrin his contibution to try and make the pulic aware of what is going on and the fact they are not doing thier job for thier ward does not consitute thier vindictive behaviour toward Mr Perrin. Mr Perrin and other like minded residents have a right to critisize our councillors for under performing and being paid for services not rendered, and yet here they are being allowed once again to victimise a resident at leisure. It seems her IQ seems to be below par if she can only come up with her own name and Mr Perrins surname as the culprit of these phone calls. Im sure Mr Farrant is too inteligent to believe such nonsence and should get to the bottom of this vendetta without haste.

  3. Sue Gray said ” This was a private matter” and yet she informed all those at her SORA meeting plus Graham Farrant. How thick are you Sue Gray. Does this not go to show how stupid our Labour cllrs are. Im sure she was not without help in this one , Its about time that this women is scrutinised and made to answer for not turning up at meetings which she is paid to do.One would hope that Mr Farrent will show the residents of Thurrock that this cllr is certainly not up to performing her duties within the code of conduct and be seen to do something about it.

  4. As I have made a complaint to the Council Standards Committee concerning Cllrs Wendy Curtis and Sue Gray, which is currently being processed, it would be inappropriate of me to pronounce them guilty of mis- conduct until proven, which is a courtesy they are denying me by circulating untrue stories designed to publicly discredit me and defame my character. Suffice to say that the conduct attributed to me by the two Cllrs implied or otherwise could, if proven true, result in a prison sentence. These Cllrs are using their positions assuming their word will be believed or at the very least it would be said “there is no smoke without fire”. I intend to vigourously defend myself and holld these Cllrs to account for their actions.

  5. What a great pity old cllr Sue Gray, cant seem to get here head around the fact that, if you speak in Public then it is Public, I am suprised that she as survived so long, she doesnt attend meetings which she is getting paid for, so that you know she is still alive, she pops up every now and then, just to prove she is about, what she as now done, as backed fired on her, she as involved the Police and Thurrock Council in her lies and stupidity, I havent got any objection to her running the SECRET SORA Meetings, in front of her good old mates, it keeps her out of the way, from real issues, she tries to insult all our intelligences by stateing a SUE Perrin when we all know she means Mr.P.Perrin, as again sent her verbal insults to her and rude messages, when we all know Mr.P.Perrin wouldnt go near her or her evil counterparts in case it gets assaulted again, if this is the behaviour of our elected ward councillors, Mr.Graham Farrant, and Mr.Kent should sack the whole lot of them, before it all goes to far, because they are all a bloody laughing stock in the own ward they arent really worried now what anybody thinks of them, because they know they wont be made to go, because nobody wants to vote for them again, the entire LABOUR PARTY are a complete shambles.


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