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Corringham councillor calls time on sign thieves

CONSERVATIVE spokesman for public protection, Councillor Danny Nicklen has called for action after a spate of damages and thefts of local road signs.

Cllr Nicklen said: “Criminals are targeting road signs and traffic furniture in and around the Stanford bypass area and I want it to stop.

“All over Stanford there are poles with no boards on them which is an eye sore and is also causing uncertainty for drivers.

“This sort of behaviour is unacceptable and is costing everyone in repair costs and replacements. I’m calling on the council to replace these signs and for the police to act to prevent it happening again”


  1. Soundbites are easy Cllr. Nicklen. I assume these ‘police’ are the same ones who are having their budgets drastically cut by your friends in government. Yes, they could stream out if Corringham police station hot on the thieves’ trail. Oh, I forgot the police are having to close that one to save money for your Condem cuts!

  2. This is not just happening around the Stanford area: the council do regularly replace the signs. But can Cllr. Nicklen be more specific as to exactly what action he expects the police to take to prevent it? The signs are only worth stealing if the scrap dealers accept them, I would imagine. So would legislation be more effective?

  3. Quite agree dan,Thieving is certainly unacceptable, so is it right to nick bottles of wine from castle point council and threaten publicans in stanford with their licence ?. I suppose it’s like the old saying, don’t do as I do, do as I say.

  4. I think it is the sign of the times we live in, perhaps if they were made from non metal materials, then they would leave them alone, it as been tried in Wales and as been a complete success, another thing you could try is get the police to visit scrap yards and Gypo camps around Tilbury.

  5. Well done Growler , Reem and Colin Barnes. All three comments are spot on. As for Danny the first part of your comment is a good idea but the second part where you try to blame the Gypsy population in Tilbury is a complete gut reaction. These “gypos” you talk about have been collecting “scrap” for years. It is only since other people have been forced into taking scrap for a living because of the lack of jobs and reductions in benefits that these signs and other things like manhole covers etc are being stolen.

  6. Growler, you seem to have forgotten that if the Labour party had not overspent the countries budget then drastic cuts would not be needed, looks like another Labour Supporter with short term memory loss, seems to be catching…

    The other posters have hit the nail squarley on the head, if Scrap Metal Dealers started to employ regular checks on where the metal is coming from then maybe these theives would have to find something else to nick, legislation is needed in the Scrap Industry with licencing and regular checks being made, a lot of companies now use smart water on their cables etc so it can’t be too difficult to check where the scrap is coming from

  7. Lambo is spot on….its funny that now Labour are not in government their supporters have forgotten about the state they left the country in only 18 months ago.
    At least he has raised an issue that many people would have overlooked and that is exactly what a councillor is supposed to do – good on him.

  8. I agree with Lambo if the scrap dealers were to make checks on the computer with the person or company its was obtained from, then perhaps the theft from the highways would slow down, but for the taking of metal drains from the roadside is not only dangerous, but deadly if a car hits one it could turn over injuring the passengers,Red Rebel you must be mad if you think they are poor gypos, I have been in the cab business in the tilbury area, so I know quite alot about them and what they do, take a walk down Biggin Lane Tilbury, there isnt one caravan or house that is worth less than, £29,000 and the two year old cars they have, most of them Land Rovers so dont come out that butter wouldnt melt in there mouths, they would take anything that wasnt tied or screwed down,they have lost quite afew brothers, whilst they were trying to take copper wiring from c2c lines, one gypo use to sell thurrock council wheelie bins back to the people he had stolen them from.All of the main Electric companies have colour coded there cables but they still steal them!..

  9. This should be an easy fix. It should be illegal for scrap dealers to pay cash for the scrap they buy in. They should have to insist on proof of residence if the seller is a private individual or a consignment note if a company. All payments should be made by cheque posted out to the appropriate address or by bank transfer to the appropriate bank account but only after a period of 48 hours during which the purchased material is available for inspection and the the sellers details checked for authenticity. If the material is found to be stolen or from an illegitimate source no money is paid and the authorities informed of the sellers details.

  10. Cllr Nicklen and halden i am shocked you have such a short recollections of the scandal you where both involved with and has for your comments “for the police to act to prevent it happening again who will prevent you and Cllr Halden doing it again

  11. It seems really funny that, when the council make sweeping financial changes to the police force, and they are then forced to make, cuts to public services, we get all these people asking why they dont do this, and why dont they do that anymore, I know the answer, its simple because some bloody minded idiots took , all of there money to finance other, silly programmes, such as £110,000,oop spent on North Stifford road improvements, so gentlemen both parties in power have been guilty of scandals over the years as Hot Press points out, so perhaps we can get back to harping on about Road sign thefts, and not forgetting Bollards!.


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