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Dozens of Thurrock schoolchildren wrongly labelled as obese

DOZENS OF THURROCK school children wrongly labelled obese after health workers botched a weight-monitoring scheme.

The mistake meant that the parents of youngsters across Thurrock were sent letters saying their children were too fat, when in fact they were a normal weight for their age.

The mistake occurred when health workers from NHS South West Essex Community Services, used a faulty measuring device while recording the height of pupils at some schools, meaning they were recorded as being 3cm shorter.

This led to the wrong body mass index being calculated for reception year pupils, aged four to five, and students in Year 6, aged ten and 11.

The blunder affected 77 children from Bonnygate Primary and Dilkes Primary,in South Ockendon.

All their parents were sent letters warning them their children were in danger of developing health problems because of their weight.

Children in the UK are weighed and measured when they start school and when they are in the final year of primary school under the Government’s National Child Measurement Programme.

The information is used by the NHS to plan and provide better health services for children.


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