Saturday, April 20, 2024

Ockendon residents campaigns on lethal dangers of black mould

OCKENDON resident Dee Lodge is only too painfully aware of the effects of black mould on a person health.

Tonight she will appear at the council’s health and well being committee hoping to kick start an awareness campaign on the inherent dangers of the disease.

Dee’s deepest concerns are for childrens health as it was as a child that she contracted invasive aspergillus which has blighted her health all her life.

YT spoke to Dee about her campaign.


  1. Thank god we have people out there that care and are willing to help others making us aware of health issues such as black mold. I’m very sorry to hear about your health dee, I guess u don’t want sympathy! Just people helping and understanding the effects of black mold which i have totally took on board and shall be sharing this info with family and friends. I am so appalled that this information has never risen until now, those who have mold in your house don’t ignore it and please if any of the symptoms relate to you or family please seek medical advice.

  2. Well done Dee, its about time this problemof Black Mould, is brought to the publics attention, we had mould growing on our inside walls when I was a child living in London, my father was told to paint over it by the landlord. thankfully neither myself or my brothers were affected by it, but there must have been thousands of people, who have got the fungus in there bodies, and were unaware of it, I cannot remember seeing any leaflets or alerts to the problem in Basildon University Hospital or any of the local GP clinics I have visited, I hope your appeal goes nation wide, wishing all the best for the furture.

  3. Thank you brightspark and danny for your encouraging comments, this is such a serious issue that needs to be out there for the public to be aware of. The wonderful support and encouragement from Cllr Amanda Arnold and Cllr Wendy Herd has been outstanding and thier commitment to drive this through with me has been second to none. We will in the near future hopefully get this out to the nation by addressing all public services and fingers crossed having it addressed in cabnet.


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