Thursday, April 18, 2024

Two Grays teens arrested after breaching dispersal order

Police arrested two people last weekend (Saturday, October 29) for breaching the Lodge Lane dispersal order in Grays.

At 5.30pm two PCSOs were out on patrol, and gave out a direction to leave to two 14-year-old boys. An hour later, the pair returned to the area and were arrested by police on suspicion of breaching a dispersal order/failing to leave a locality when directed.

Both boys, from the Grays area, have been released on police bail until December 10, pending further enquiries.

Sgt Frazer Low, of the Grays neighbourhood policing team, said: “We have been actively patrolling the area to ensure the dispersal order is enforced, and when we ask people to disperse, we mean it. Return to the area, and you will be arrested.”


  1. So what was the dispersal order given for, what were the two youths doing or was this just two PCSO’s trying to play the big I AM ?

    The story does seem to lean towards two over officious PCSO’s

  2. Also if this was after 22:00 or something then I could understand this but at 17:30 thats a bit early, blimey when did we become a communist police state, I must have missed that news item

  3. Whoever wrote this piece has not explained the history as to why the dispersal order was put in place?? There may have been a very good reason for it, but unless I have missed something, which is entirely possible,then why are the police moving two 14 year old law abiding boys on, what were they doing that was so wrong? Come on Your Thurrock, this is a story that deserves a much fuller explanation – as it stands, the story does not make a lot of sense, does it?

  4. Hang on, under the last article I read, about the possible use of security guards at Blackshots, there were comments from Lambo requesting we set up Youth Boot Camps and complaining about how political correctness is destroying our ability to deal with “Yobs”. Then here you suggest we live in a police state because the PCSO’s enforced a dispersal order.
    Lambo, can you please reconcile your posts, because I can’t.

  5. I’m not an officionado but apparently there is a fair bit of tension and reprisals at the surrounding schools and colleges. There are clearly groups involved. Say no more because you’d probably be arrested

  6. I am the parent of one of the boys, they went in co-op to get a drink, not bad boys, not bad parents or homes, he’s being punished by the police, and at home, he’s accepted and admitted he done wrong, it was pcso’s who called for police, no tension with other groups, but lots of tension between the pcso’s and police themselfs.


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