Saturday, April 20, 2024

The future is bright, the future can be Thurrock

WE HAD OVER 45 minutes of film from Thurrock Council’s chief executive, Graham Farrant’s keynote address to over 200 hundred business leaders last week.

One of the key benefits of the morning was that it enabled the businesses of the borough to view the business route map of Thurrock from 2011 and beyond.

For many years, it has been a little bit foggy and vague with the council hamstrung by interims and hung councils and merry-go round leaders.

This conference enabled Graham Farrant and council leader, John Kent to say: “This is where we are in 2011 and this is where we want to head.”

Mr Farrant makes a number of bold statements including the one at the beginning of this piece. But someone has to lead from the front and lead with ambition.

From the DP World to the Purfleet Centre, exciting times ahead. It is really up to the borough, not to blow it.

We will see.


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