Friday, July 19, 2024

Baroness Smith concerned over “isolated elderly”

BARONESS Smith rose to the floor of the House of Lords to express her concerns over increasing isolation of the elderly.

Baroness asked: “To ask Her Majesty’s Government, following the healthier lives Green Paper and the Vision for Social Care, what assessment they have made of the progress made in providing preventative services that overcome social isolation amongst older people.

Earl Howe (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Quality), Health; Conservative)

“The department is seeking to collect data around social participation through the 2011-12 Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework indicator, which focuses on enhancing the quality of life for people with care and support needs.

“On 16 November 2010, the Government published A Vision for Adult Social Care: Capable Communities and Active Citizens, which sets the context for the future direction of adult social care in England. One of the principles of the vision is preventive strategies, which set out to reduce dependency by promoting stronger and more active communities that enable people to be less isolated and vulnerable.

“In addition, the department’s national evaluation of Partnerships for Older People Projects informed councils of the benefits of some services including befriending, which demonstrated health-related quality of life gains for older people.”


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