Final push for Labour candidate in selection battle

ANNE Marie Waters, one of Thurrock Labour party’s two shortlisted candidates, was treated to a surprise dinner organised in her honour by her local supporters.

The lawyer and journalist said in a speech she gave during the evening: “I am overwhelmed by the reception I have received from local party members and I would like to say that I will respond to that by giving 100 per cent to Thurrock.

“It is a place I have immediately warmed to and one where I would like to make my home.

“I am am passionate about supporting local people and local issues and in Thurrock I would relish the opportunity to represent residents and help secure their and the area’s future.”

She added: “For far too long, parliamentary politics has been dominated by politicians completely disconnected from the people they serve…We need to bring the Labour Party back to the people it serves.”

Ms Waters is up against Ed Miliband’s special advisor, Polly Billington in a head to head battle. The selection takes place on Saturday Dec 3rd.

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