Thurrock MEP gives support to strikers as rally set to take place

THURROCK’S MEP, Richard Howitt has sent a message of support to those on strike in Thurrock today. Many strikers are expected to meet in Basildon at 11am for a rally and speeches.

The message from the Labour Euro MP will be read out at rallies and protests in the town centre in Basildon.

Under proposals from the coalition government, public workers may be forced to pay more in pension contributions, work longer until retirement and still receive less, as the Government seeks to slash the cost of public sector pensions by £2.8 billion in the next three years.

Labour’s Richard Howitt MEP said:

“As a former public sector worker myself, I stand alongside the trade unions in Essex resisting the unfair and unwarranted cut to their pensions.

“The Government is fiddling the figures over how inflation is calculated;  it is fiddling the figures by saying low-paid part-time workers have to contribute as much as higher paid full-time workers; and it is fiddling the figures by ignoring the impact of the pay freeze on public sector workers’ wages.

“And what’s more, the Government is threatening to withdraw its current offer, threatening to remove even more employment rights if public sector workers don’t submit to their will.

“This is dishonest, it is bullying and it is quite simply wrong.”

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