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Danielle’s killer complains over wages in prison

Stuart Campbell has complained from his prison cell that he won’t get paid double time over Christmas.

Stuart Campbell, who was jailed for life in 2002 for the murder of East Tilbury 15-year-old Danielle Jones, says he is being forced to work ‘unsocial hours’ over the festive period without getting double time.

The 52-year-old, who has never revealed where he dumped the body of his teenage niece, complained that other lags who didn’t work in the canteen had Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day off but still got paid reports a newspaper.

Campbell wrote to national prison newspaper Inside Time.

The murderer questioned the right of bosses at HMP Wakefield in West Yorkshire to force him to work on public holidays without getting a bonus.

He said: ‘There has been a rather disturbing development here at HMP Wakefield.

‘I work in the kitchens and have just been informed that this Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day we kitchen workers will be required to work as normal for no extra pay.

‘As Christmas Day and Boxing Day fall on the Sunday and Monday there will be an extra public holiday on Tuesday, which we will also be required to work, without any additional pay or time off in lieu.’

He added: ‘My understanding is that public holidays also apply to prisoners and every other worker will be off work but still get their (prison) wage, so why should kitchen workers be forced to work under threat of being sacked?

‘While I understand that meals have still got to be prepared for the prison population it should be done by those who volunteer and who are suitably compensated for giving up their Christmas and New Year holidays.’
He signs off his letter by demanding to know if ‘HMP Wakefield has a right to do this?’

A spokesman for the National Offender Management Service replied: ‘The need for those in the kitchen to work over any bank holiday period providing meals to other prisoners has been recognised and continues to be recognised at Wakefield prison.

‘While prisoners were previously paid a bonus for working during the Christmas and New Year holiday period, those arrangement have now stopped.

‘Instead, kitchen workers receive a higher rate of pay than prisoners employed in other parts of the prison.

‘The extra pay is in recognition of the fact that being employed in the kitchen necessitates prisoners having to work unsocial hours.

‘That will include being required to work during the various bank holidays throughout the year.’

The spokesman added: ‘In addition, workers are only required to complete half a session – the morning – over the three main days at Christmas while receiving pay for a full session.

‘Should a prisoner decide not to work on these days they will receive no pay.’


  1. I had to check the date to make sure it was not April 1st, is this prat for real, he should think himself bloody luck that he gets paid at all, I for one would not give them anything other than the basics needed to survive, luxuries like cigarettes, TV etc would be taken away, what sort of deterent is prison where people get paid and have what they want???

  2. No prisoner should have the right to air his opinions, they are in PRISON for crimes they have commited, time they realised its not a Rest Home or Holiday Camp.

    For once I agree with the way the Americans treat their offenders, maybe if we shackled ours they would think twice and conform to rules and regulations. It also needs saying that these so called Do-Gooders who listen to the prisoners and actually side with them should put themselves into the shoes of the victims and their families.

    While this moron is gripping about not getting his double pay spare a thought for our service personnel, what if they said they weren’t going to work on these holidays if they didn’t gett double time etc.

    What this Country needs to do is to find it’s backbone again, this nannie state has gone too far. Wake up everyone and see as in Hans Aderson’s story (the King is actually Naked)


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