Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Campaigners continue fight on Woodside development

THE RESIDENTS of Woodside held a meeting Wednesday night to discuss their opposition to knocking the Thurrock campus of South Essex College and building flats and houses on the land.

The 100+ strong audience aired their views on the proposals, as well as put questions to officers from Thurrock Council.

Commenting on the meeting, Claire Jones, local Liberal Democrat campaigner who attended the meeting, said “The feeling I got from the room was the same as what I got from our survey: the residents do not want the college to be demolished and they do not want houses and flats built on the site.

“I am incredibly disappointed that neither the Development Corporation nor the developer themselves attended the meeting. It shows a appalling lack of respect for the community.

“That said, the meeting turned up some very useful information. Such as the acknowledgment of SE College that students at the proposed new campus in Grays Town Centre would have to be bussed out to use playing fields – rather than just opening the back door as they do now.

“There were also the absurd figures for renovation of the Tech campus given by the college. Costs of £2 million for double glazing and £16 million for temporary classrooms are ridiculous. So is their claim that the college is too old to be developed.

“I will continue to work with the steering committee and the residents and do everything I can to prevent these unwanted and unsustainable plans from going ahead.”


  1. This plan needs to be re thought. The lack of open space in Grays is a major issue regarding the siting of the Grays South College. The Old Thurrock Tech site is part of an eduction hub together with Palmer’s. I would be interested in further info from the Campaign Group. Sadly the Woodside site is just outside of the Little Thurrock Forum area but development will effect us all. Vince Offord Temp Chair Little Thurrock Forum 07956284243


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