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Green shoots pilot scheme set for East Tilbury

A PILOT scheme for a multi-skilled approach to cleaning areas is set to take place in East Tilbury next year.

At a meeting of the Thurrock Council cabinet on Wednesday night, the cabinet commended the scheme which will see a dedicated team to work exclusively in the area.

If successful, other areas across the borough may be allocated small teams of multi-skilled workers.

The scheme, shaped by Conservative councillor James Halden and Labour councillor Steve Liddiard is set to run for six months starting in May next year.

The team will be provided with a council Blackberry to enhance communications, provide work updates and identify areas that need work.

Speaking from the floor, cllr Halden said: “You can’t throw money at some problems; you need to find ways around the issue.

“We need a service shaped by the community. We should look at innovation and we hope the outcome would be a team that is local, flexible and responds to people’s need.”

Cabinet member for environment, cllr Valerie Morris-Cook said the report showed clear passion to improve the service and presented good ideas.

Cllr Morris-Cook said: “We want to spend less money and at the same time be meaner and greener.

The report has been deferred until February to allow officers time to develop an implementation plan.


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