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Ockendon residents urged to act over anti-social menace

RESIDENTS on an estate in South Ockendon are being urged to respond to a consultation which will give police additional powers to deal with over 18’s drinking in the streets.

A motion put by Cllr Amanda Arnold called for a Designated Public Place Order for the Flowers Estate after complaints about anti social behaviour increased.

Cllr Arnold said “The broken glass in the play area and the beer cans – empty or filled with urine, are a clear sign that anti social behaviour is linked to drinking, and it makes peoples lives a misery. The local PCSO’s and Community Liason officer backed this at our regular meeting with them, so we were stunned when the report said that police did not feel there was any evidence to take it forward. We were disgusted to have to fight Labour councillors at the committee stage, after they tried to throw this out behind closed doors, even though they publicly backed this at Full Council.”

Cllr Carr added “This is an extension of police powers, there is no additional cost to the police, it just means officers will be able to remove alcohol from adults acting in an anti social way. It’s not just street crime and anti social behaviour that is fuelled by alcohol – we have high levels of domestic violence in the area as well. Our residents may not feel that this is required after all this time – we have done a lot of work in the last year to crack down on anti social behaviour, but they deserve the opportunity to have their say.”

Residents wishing to make representations as to whether or not an order should be made should submit these in writing by no later than Friday 16th December, 2011.

These should be sent to Jim Nicolson, Community Protection Manager, Thurrock Borough Council, New Road, Grays, Essex, RM17 6SL or e-mail your comments to jnicolson@thurrock.gov.uk. The consultation is also on the council website at https://consult.thurrock.gov.uk/portal/tc/cs/dppos


  1. yet another Designated Public Place Order that will not be worth the paper it is written on, there are so many of these now in Thurrock that are being abused on a daily basis and the Police seem incapable of actually enforcing them.

    rather than keep brining these orders in all over the place, get the police to actualy do what we pay them to do and start making arrests, then get the useless magistrates to get their house in order and start dishing out proper sentences to these people rather than just a slap on the wrist.

    Until the complete justice sytem in this country is reformed and criminals are given sentences that will act as a deterent then nothing will ever change in this country.


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