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…and Kent bites back……plus Morris-Cook

THURROCK Council leader, cllr John Kent has hit back at allegations that the party put a political fundraiser over attending vital meetings to discuss next years budget.

Cllr Kent said:” First I must make it clear that I believe Overview and Scrutiny plays a crucial role in the setting of the council’s budget. I want to hear everyone’s views.

“Every Overview and Scrutiny Committee met on the evening of 28th November to have an initial look at the budget proposals. That was to have been followed by a “plenary session” on the same night to agree which areas needed further investigation.

Unfortunately, that plenary was cancelled, on the day, without any valid reason, and at the insistence of Cllr Gledhill. We went along for the sake of cross-party working, but were thankful no media or public were there.

This made it necessary to have individual O&S meetings. Although the 8th December was suggested by officers, it clashed with a long-arranged event.

“As a result, in 29th November, it was decided to change things. No meeting was called, no agenda was written, let alone published.

Councillor Anderson, Leader of the Conservative Group, was asked for suggestions and since then several have been agreed – Cllr Halden, Chair of the Cleaner, Greener and Safer has convened his committee to meet on 19th December and Cllr Gaywood, Chair of Children’s has agreed to add the budget follow-up issues to the scheduled meeting on13th December.

“Councillor Gledhill knows full well that no meeting was convened for 8th December.

“Rather than trying to make political mischief I suggest he gets on with the job of scrutinising the budget proposals.”

Deputy-leader, cllr Valerie Morris-Cook added: “I did not organise the fundraiser which was organised at least three months ago.

“The meeting on the 8th was not in the diary and was a suggestion as all business could not be completed on the original date in November.

“This is a statement to cause trouble with no factual content.”


  1. The Conservatives seem to spend most of their time complaining about processes and procedures, rather than concentrating on the real issues that affect local people, such as the local budget.

    Then we hear some of them are against a new sports facility in North Grays, after the Council has debated it and included it in its Local Development Plan.

    I hope the local residents will remember some of these points come election time in May.

  2. This seems to be an argument about nothing, par for the course with TBC to be honest, if the fundraiser was booked over three months ago then it would be stupid to arrange a meeting on the same date, sureley if this is all that our council can argue about then there is something serioulsy wrong.

    As for Graysath’s comments regarding the new sports facillity in North Grays and people being against it, this would have nothing to with a certain club that now finds itself almost homeless being part of that sports facillity would it???

  3. Following the Club’s announcement last Thursday,I would like to think so, Kevin.

    As a former member of the Club, I’m sure you will support us in our efforts.

  4. Sorry to dissapoint but I have no interest in where the club now play be that Grays, Basildon or Barking, and for one single club that are not even the highets placed club in the area to get preferential treatment from TBC is wrong to be honest, the best option would be for several clubs in the area to merge which would then give a btter return from the amount of supporters this could generate, alternatively I have no problem if Grays were to move into their own stadium if this was completley self funded.

  5. Unfortunately, the other Clubs in the area have chosen to go their own way despite many attempts by Grays in the past to get together.

    So no preferential treatment, just helping the Club to find a home again in the parish of Grays. No Council funding has been sought or offered.


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