Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Tory “outrage” after Labour put “partying before people”

THURROCK TORIES are outraged that the council’s Labour administration have put party fundraising before the needs of residents.

Chairman of the Corporate Overview & Scrutiny Committee Rob Gledhill said “Usually the scrutiny committees would have looked into the detail of the administration’s proposed changes to next year’s budget and affect it will have on residents, businesses and staff.

“All the committees were scheduled to reconvene today (8th December) only to have it cancelled earlier this week. It turns out that this important meeting, which was agreed weeks ago, clashes with a political fund raiser being organised by the Deputy Leader of the Council.

It now appears that a number of Labour councillors have chosen to attend the fundraiser forcing cancellation of the budget meeting. This is outrageous!”

“The Labour administration have put forward numerous proposals for cuts and increases in spending covering all areas of the council’s services. However many of the proposals had insufficient information or required further investigation.

“This is the second time in recent weeks that a meeting has been moved so as not to inconvenience the Labour Party. Firstly the full council meeting was moved to avoid clashing with a strike and now this vital meeting has been moved to avoid clashing with a political event – and only a few weeks ago a Scrutiny Committee meeting had to be cancelled because the paperwork wasn’t ready in time.

Cllr Gledhill added “Conservative Councillors have complained this year that meetings have been cancelled and Labour chairs and vice-chairs are failing to turn up to meetings they are paid extra to attend.

Now Labour members are putting a fund raiser before council business.

It begs the question whether Labour deserve to run the council? This is another example of Labours contempt for residents at a time when we have to be more aware of where and how we spend residents money”


  1. Why don’t the local council actually all get together is a room, put on some boxing gloves and slug it out between them, all this inter party squabbling is seriously hampering the way that the lot of them are doing their jobs, all too often we have petty squabbles between Tory, labour, Lib, Ind etc and the real work gets left behind.


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