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2011 Year in Review: April


Theo Papitas opened a new lingerie store in Lakeside which was made more interesting as La Senza went into administration at the end of the year.

Lest we forget, people die at work. putting bread on the table for their families.


There was outrage in the borough as the Thurrock Traffic Light Club lost its funding.

Poor Heidi the donkey who got stuck in a Corringham ditch and passed away a few days later.

Our bloggers continued to make a valued contribution including Myles, Joyce and Abbie.


A possible three day concert at the Essex Sports Village in Aveley came and went within a couple of days but it enabled us to see former Grays chair Micky Woodward reappear.


72 candidates put their names forward for the May 5th local elections. Labour immediately wheeled out shadow chancellor Ed Balls.

Labour’s campaign was steady. Some young candidates. The Tories was very well organised in the east and like herding cats in the west.


The trial of two males accused of the attempted murder of Amanda Stephenson in South Ockendon took place at Basildon Crown Court. One male was found guilty and sentenced to ten years.

The words “metal theft” seemed to merge more and more whilst the police were busy trying to stem the tide of cruisers at Lakeside. It looked like they were successful. Just ask the 3000 who descended on Harlow.


One of the best singers in the borough, Siobhan Omoruyi stormed Gateway Academys Got Talent.


East Thurrock won promotion to the Ryman Premier.

Thurrock Harrier competed in the London Marathon as he has done for every year since 1981.

Royal Wedding

And then there was the royal wedding. There was plenty going on in the borough and we filmed ten events across Thurrock.


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