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Taking the train is a strain as Labour protest against massive fare hikes

LABOUR Party volunteers were out before dawn on Tuesday morning at stations across Thurrock asking people to show their disgust at the train fare rises that commuters faced as they went back to work in the New Year.

Hefty increases to fares for rail and Tube services in London came into effect yesterday.

The annual cost of a season ticket from Grays into Fenchurch Street rose by £112. Last week the Campaign for Better Transport (CBT) released figures showing how London commuters are paying up to 10 times more for season tickets on comparable journeys than some European counterparts.

Labour’s parliamentary Spokeswoman for Thurrock Polly Billington said:

“We wanted to show people there is another way. The Tory-led government has made a decision to push up fares above inflation. The annual cost of a season ticket from Grays is £112 more than it was last year – a massive extra cost for people who are already struggling. And that’s before you add in the fare hikes for the tube as well.

“I saw people shaking their heads in disbelief this morning as they bought their tickets at Grays train station.

Grays-resident Polly added: “It doesn’t have to be like this – the government has chosen to give the train companies the power to hike some fares well above inflation. They’ve sided with the train companies and commuters are bearing the brunt.

Labour says the government should limit the rise to no more than 1% to give people a break. High train fares eat into people’s ability to spend and undermine their confidence to make ends meet, which is no way to get the economy moving.”

Shadow Transport Secretary Maria Eagle MP said:

“Commuters finding that their rail fares have rocketed by up to 11 per cent will want to know why the Chancellor gave the clear impression in his Autumn Statement that he had limited ticket price hikes to just one per cent above inflatiom. The reality is that the government chose to quietly reverse the decision of the last Labour government to enforce the fare cap and instead gave back to train companies the right to hike fares by much more.

“The fact that David Cameron has chosen to side with the powerful private train operator lobby against commuters and passengers shows he is desperately out of touch with the spiraling cost-of-living crisis facing so many hard-working families.

If this year’s eleven per cent fare hikes were not bad enough, the government has told the train companies that they can increase fares by up to a staggering thirteen per cent in 2013 and 2014, meaning three years in a row of eye watering price hikes.”

Commuters are being urged to direct their anger about the fare hikes towards the Treasury through tweets, texts or phone calls.


  1. Ms Billington, I suugest you read the history of the fare increases during Labours term in office:

    2010 – 2011 average increses of 6.2%
    2009 – 2010 average increases of 6-7%
    2008- 2009 average increases of 7-11%

    Obviously you fail to recall these as most Labour politicians do, seems strange that you all suffer from selective memory loss, I suppose you have to try and deflect press away from the historic debts that your party left this country in when your tenure ended, infact have the Labour party reduced their own debts of £10m that were shown at the close of last year? the party is almost dependent on funding by the Unions so little wonder that you bow down to your paymasters at ever juncture.

  2. According to Labour, History started in May 2010. Train fares went up alomost 70% under Labour, while long distance train fares alomost doubled. It should also be noted that the formula used to set the train fare increase was created by Labour

  3. I’m getting sick of the Labour Party pretending like they didnt exist before 2010. All the problems this country is now facing is due to the imcompetence of Labour especially in the last few years of their reign.

  4. If anyone were in any doubt what they were going to get from the Milbrain place sister then look no further than this article. She smiles for the camera’s knowing she is telling a bare faced lie. Typical Labour. Trashy lies to cover up what they inflicted on the working class people of this country. Yet another Labour politician devoid of a conscience or morals.

  5. Watch out people, with views and comments like that, you will have the Socialists accusing you of being dogmatic! Because, of course, your views cannot possibly be a reflection of the truth, merely an outpouring of your Tory ideals. Socialists, you do have to feel sorry for them. Don’t you?

  6. Is Polly joking! – doesn’t she remember just 20 months ago when her party was in government – I don’t remember anyone from labour back then in power saying it doesn’t have to be like this can you?

    I am happy that Polly is a Grays resident Newly formed!

    Gordon Brown/ Ed Miliband – his right hand man put the country into the state it is in today, I’m not saying the course of action from the CON-DEMS is the right one but don’t flutter on things your party never stopped! Just like the Dartford crossing (QE2 Bridge) – not that Polly would know how that affects the residents of Thurrock with all the bad air quality we get in Thurrock because of the congestion what happened to having them removed under her party’s reign money spinner just like fares are!

  7. I have to smile, once again Labour are all huff and puff and try to show willing when in reality there is nothing they can do, pathetic.


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