Monday, May 27, 2024

Grays road rage case dismissed due to alleged victims childcare problems

A WOMAN WHO WAS the alleged victim of a “terrifying” road rage attack had her case dismissed as she had problems with her childcare.

Ayo Adeoti had made the complaint after it was alleged that on August 21st, last year, Richard Chapman,35, Chestnut Avenue, Grays had threatened and assaulted her, whilst she was alone in her vehicle in Grays.

The case was adjourned in November as Ms Adeoti had to take her child to the hospital.

The court heard that she had attended court today (Wednesday) but told her solicitor that she would have to be away by 3pm as she needed to release her babysitter and pick up her other daughter from school.

Defending solicitor told the court that stated cases indicated that the court should deal with all matters “expeditiously”

Chair of magistrates, Mrs Kurton dismissed the case.

Mr Chapman, who was in the dock, was free to leave.


  1. the way some of these people act in their cars in grays town center i am not surprised it could lead to a argument.


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