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The Priest ,The Stag Night and The Blow Up Doll

It sound like a wonderful scandal but in fact its the plotline of Thurrock Courts Players latest Offering at the Thameside Theatre this February
Mike Harding’s Fur Coat and No Knickers is a hilariously funny satirical portrayal of British society that examines the interrelated themes of pride, stereotypes and social status.

Although the keen wit of the script itself is funny on its own, bringing it to life is a challenging task and one that Thurrock Courts Players are approaching with energy and enthusiasm.

Director Mike Jones is delighted with the way rehearsals are progressing and pays credit to his hard working cast. ” This play is wonderfully written and gives the cast every opportunity to portray their character to the limit. We are now starting to rehearse the scenes which include food which is always tricky. Audiences are going to love this play and I know that they will go home at the end of the show having enjoyed their evening”

The play takes us through the story of Deirdre Ollerenshaw and Mark Greenhalgh’s wedding. Deirdre Ollerenshaw is from a working class background whilst Mark’s father is a wealthy businessman and councillor. The interplay within the Ollerenshaw family is highly amusing even before the introduction of the Greenhalgh family further stirs things as both families feign amicability whilst bad-mouthing each other whilst backs are turned.

In particular Deidre?s brother Peter an unpublished poet and part time anarchist enjoys taunting his father an ex-military man who believes in discipline and respect for authority. The disastrous drunken exploits of Mark’s stag night and Peter, the anarchist’

Author Mike Harding
s exposure of Ronald Greenhalgh’s corruption alongside the stress of the wedding itself drive the play towards its climactic end.

Tickets are already selling fast and when Courts Players produced this play many years ago it remains as one of the company’s best selling shows.
The show runs at the Thameside from Febuary 9th -11th 2012

Box Office is 08453005264


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