Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Tragic news as “Ryan will never recover from coma”

IT HAS been reported that Corringham man Ryan Marven, who suffered brain injuries in a crash in Thailand will never recover from his coma.

The statement on the website says: “Ryans family are sorry to have to provide you with the latest sad news regarding Ryan’s condition.

“All tests have now come back from the hospital, the prognosis is that Ryan’s brain injuries are so extensive that he will never recover from the coma and have no quality of life at all.

“Therefore we were asked by Ryan’s medical Team to attend a meeting to discuss and consent for all medication to stop, this decision has been made by all Ryan’s medical Team and immediate family, also if in the future Ryan requires resuscitaion, this will not be given.

“Ryan’s family and Partner Rie are sincerley sorry to provide you with this sad news.

On Saturday 27th August Ryan was doing a border bounce (visa run).

According to sources, he was using a minibus company and on the way back from the Malaysian border, the driver lost control going to fast round a bend.

Ryan suffered a fractured skull and after 2 major brain surgerys to remove a bone fragment from his brain and reduce swelling and compression, he slipped into a coma.


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