Thursday, April 18, 2024

Police dog falls down well….

A POLICE dog involved in a search for someone in trouble, ended up needing assistance itself.

Firefighters were called to assist in the Alsatian’s rescue after the animal fell trough a rotted manhole cover and ended up some eight feet down a pit.

“The dog was out with its handler after reports of someone calling for help from the fields,” said a spokesman at Orsett Fire Station. “It’s not clear how the manhole cover came away but the animal went down and ended up in a dark pit.

“We lashed together a triple extension ladder and made a safe pathway for the Police dog handler to go down and bring the animal up.

“We thought that was best since the animal was familiar with the handler and already in a stressful situation. The animal was brought to safety unharmed.”

The incident was dealt with by 21:37 hrs.



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