Saturday, April 20, 2024

Vinny Jones, Bee Gees and Staying Alive in Thurrock!

A NEW campaign by the British Heart Foundation to highlight compression-only life saving skills is being backed by the East of England Ambulance Service.

The BHF is encouraging compression-only cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in the event of cardiac arrest; the campaign should benefit those who do not have any training but want to help someone in need.

The high-profile national awareness campaign is fronted by hard-man footballer-turned-actor Vinnie Jones and the ambulance service will promote the charity’s messages via the web.

Dr Pamela Chrispin, Medical Director of EEAST, said: “The period of time between someone collapsing from cardiac arrest and getting their heart started again is the single most important factor to their survival.

“This new campaign by the BHF will hopefully mean more people are more confident they have the potential to save someone’s life by providing hard and fast chest compressions while the ambulance service is en route.”

BHF research shows many people are worried about the idea of giving the “kiss of life” (mouth-to-mouth resuscitation). Instead, Vinnie Jones is urging people to: “Call 999. Then press hard and fast to the beat of Stayin’ Alive.”

The Bee-Gees song has 103 beats/minute – which is the ideal rhythm for people to administer chest compressions.

The campaign is also designed to highlight the positive impact community resuscitation can have. The ambulance service develops and supports community resuscitation through training, and also runs the community first responder scheme.

Community first responders (CFRs) live or work in a community where groups of volunteers are dispatched to life-threatening calls, such as cardiac arrest, whilst an ambulance response is dispatched.

Alan Murray, Director of Service Delivery said: “Community first responders play a really important role in helping us give emergency care to those most in need. They also get something very personal out of it; volunteering is not only really rewarding but you know you’re potentially saving the life of someone in your community.”

For more information on the campaign, visit To learn more about being a community first responder, visit or


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