Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Asylum seekers add to rise in children in care in Thurrock

THE numbers of children in care has risen in Thurrock.

A report submitted at last nights meeting of the council cabinet showed that at the end of October the borough had 230 young people in care.

22 of these are unaccompanied asylum seekers. The figure has continued to rise throughout October and looks to be around 240 for the end of November.

The rising number of asylum seekers has become a matter for many of the senior schools who, with challenging targets already, find themselves with year 10 and 11 students coming to the school, who cannot speak english.

Latest figures (30th November 2011) show 86 children starting care since 1/4/2011 and 52 ceasing care.

The matter was not discussed at the cabinet.

Portfolio holder, Barbara Rice is on holiday.


  1. Well at least YT has the balls to publish it. I sat on a train a few weeks ago going into London and listened to 3 shall we say ethnic minority children that were discussing their new foster parents now that they had moved to Thurrock. It makes you wonder what the real cost of all this multiculturalism is to Thurrock.

  2. And who is picking up the tab for these people? surely if these children/adults are from a country where the risk is no longer posed they should be sent back to their home country rather than being a burden on the british tax payer.


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