Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Another finance mess you’ve got us into…….

YOU COULD see that the chief executive of Thurrock Council, Graham Farrant and the leader of the ruling Labour group, cllr John Kent were not pleased at having to announce to the cabinet on Wednesday that one of the major documents in the financial year had to be withdrawn due to a number of “inaccuracies”.

Item 11 on the agenda was the Budget 2012/13 Proposed Fees and Charges which outlines the increases or otherwise for a huge raft of matters that affect every citizen in the borough.

YT understands that there was chaos at the council as there was uncertainty as to which figures given were accurate and which were not. This was compounded by the e-mail of each and every council officer going down.

It appears that the area of concern was the figures for adult social care.

Portfolio holder, cllr Tony Fish said: “I read the cabinet agenda on the Monday (Jan 9th) and spotted the inaccuracies. I contacted the leader immediately.”

A spokesperson for Thurrock Council said: “There were some errors in the report which will now go to Corporate Overview and Scrutiny on 19 January for scrutiny and to Cabinet on 22 February.”

This now means the document will not be presented for another month and once again puts the finance department of Thurrock Council under more scrutiny. Last month, a number of officers resigned after the accounts for the council were the subject of a late submission.


  1. No, never, this cant be true, Labour producing a document with financial inaccuracies, that would never happen ūüėČ

    Bet there are some very embarassed people at TBC…..


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