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Morrison confident after talks with Thurrock Council

HOUSING repairs company Morrison have come out of their first talks with Thurrock Council confident of a continuing positive relationship with the council.

A spokesperson said: “Our meeting last week with senior Thurrock Council Officers was open, honest and productive and offered both parties a positive way forwards for the coming year.

The partnership remains committed to driving through service improvements for Thurrock’s residents and we look forward to continuing to develop our relationship with Thurrock Council throughout 2012.”

The statement comes after a war of words at Wednesdays meeting of the ruling Thurrock Labour cabinet.

Former housing portfolio holder, cllr Tunde Ojetola urged Labour to stop “whingeing” about the contract and to get on with making it work.

Cllr Ojetola said: “The aim of the contract was for a one stop shop for housing repairs. You (Labour) need to pull up your socks and make it work.”

Council leader John Kent told the cabinet that they had had serious talks with the Morrison group last week. Cllr Kent said: “We know that the chief executive told Morrison last year “Shape up or ship out”. We can tell you that the talks used that as a base point.”


  1. Well this is a load of rubbish, a friend of the family contacted Morrison last week reporting they could not get out of their door due to next doors fence being blown down in the winds and blocking the doorway, after much hassle and six people later they were told that it would be done within one hundred days? to have three six foot fences stuck in your garden is no joke. I would be inclined to order a skip and pass the bill to them. Looks like they mean to start the year just as they ended it, bloody useless.


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