Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Fighter jets swoop over Thurrock in preparation for Olympics

EUROFIGHTER Typhoon jets flew over Thurrock on Saturday night from RAF Northolt in preparation for the Olympic Games.

Residents from all over the borough came out of their houses due to the intensity of the noise.

The pair of the supersonic fighter planes conducted two sorties at 1,000ft over Thurrock between 7 and 10pm on Saturday (21).

Although residents will be unfamiliar with their sound, a spokesman for the RAF base said the jets would be less noisy than their Tornado cousins.

“Residents will hear the Typhoons but I don’t envisage it will cause too much disturbance.” said an RAF spokesperson.

The planes are able to travel at supersonic speeds without the need for afterburners, making them slightly quieter than comparable aircraft.

During July, August and September this year several Eurofighter Typhoons will be based at RAF Northolt, in case of any terror alert during the London 2012 Olympic Games.


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