Saturday, June 22, 2024

Thousands of cruisers descend on Thurrock in “Too Fast, Too Furious” Saturday

OVER 2000 cars turned Thurrock into a race track on Saturday evening as car cruisers descended on various parts of the borough.

Back in November, Essex Police were caught napping when 3000 descended upon Harlow and created total gridlock and it happened again but this time in Thurrock as many ordinary motorists found themselves stuck in traffic especially in Tilbury.

Two of the key areas were, as usual, Lakeside and, the Asda car park at Tilbury.

Port of Tilbury workers, coming out after finishing work at 10pm found themselves stuck in traffic on the Dock Approach Road as convoys cruised down the road.

Whilst cars were spotted racing on the Manorway in Corringham, on the A13 and all around the Lakeside area.

Despite having no prior intelligence, Essex Police mustered resources to ensure that traffic flowed as freely as possible.

An Essex Police spokesperson said: “Police resources were considerably stretched yesterday due to the high volume of car cruisers that came to the area. But officers worked in a six-hour operation to ensure matters ended peacefully.

“Six drivers received fixed penalty notices for minor traffic offences. There were no accidents.

“At approximately 1am, the drivers dispersed northwards.”


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