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Detective probes Ripper murders at the Thameside

NEXT Wednesday, on 25th January, if you are available at 2pm in the afternoon, ex-Detective Trevor Marriot details his 20 year quest to uncover the mysteries of the Jack The Ripper Case.

Using original documents, photographs and accounts, and applying modern forensic technique he has developed a fascinating theory as to the true identity of Jack.

Tickets are £10 which includes tea and biscuits at the interval.

In 2003 using all his knowledge and expertise he decided to re-investigate these horrific murders and the mystery surrounding this fearsome killer. Unlike other researchers he was able to re-investigate the murders through the eyes of a modern day Detective using all his knowledge and expertise. He was able to pursue new lines of enquiry never used before which resulted in a new suspect emerging.

His long and protracted enquiry took him from the hallowed hall of Buckingham Palace, the home of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth to Canada, Central America, Europe, and finally to the USA where the identity of Jack The Ripper would finally be revealed and the fate that befell him.

It has up until now been generally accepted that the killer only killed five women between August and November 1888 in Whitechapel. It is also suggested that the killer after murdering two of the victims Catherine Eddowes and Annie Chapman removed vital organs from their bodies whilst at the crime scene. However his enquiry would subsequently dispel both of these accepted facts.

His investigation revealed two other unsolved murders of women in Whitechapel in 1889 and 1891. In addition to two further murders of women in London as far back as 1863 and 1872, all of whom were killed in Ripper like fashion, all of which remain unsolved. In addition he also uncovered a number of similar unsolved Ripper like murders of women between 1891-1894 in Germany and The USA.


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