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Metcalfe aide in Twitter storm as he describes disabled protestors as “unwashed”

A POLITICAL aide to local MP, Stephen Metcalfe has created a storm on twitter by describing disabled protestors as “unwashed”.

The Vange councillor made the comment on his @cllrmackenzie account.

He said: “I hear there are a bunch of unwashed people at Oxford and Regent Street, if you don’t like capitalism move to North Korea #UKUNCUT”

On Saturday, dozens of disabled protestors caused havoc on Oxford Street, London by chaining themselves together in protest against government welfare cuts.

Planned cuts to the disability living allowance under the bill could see 500,000 disabled people losing money, the charity Mencap said.

Cllr MacKenzie’s comments have created howls of protests on the social media site.

Former deputy prime minister, John Prescott tweeted: “Heard @cllrmackenzie who thinks disabled protestors are ‘unwashed’ & should ‘move to N Korea’ is a researcher for @smetcalfemp…for now.”

buckstwits said: “@CllrMackenzie Considering what happens to the disabled in North Korea (ie this sanfrancisco.ibtimes.com/articles/14810…), your comment is simply unacceptable.”

richardbridge7 said: “Wonder how “proud” Conservative MP for South Basildon @SMetcalfeMP is of his researcher @CllrMackenzie who described disabled as “unwashed””

A number of twitterers have indicated that they intend to e-mail Basildon council leader, Tony Ball in protest at the comments.

Blogger and political commentator Sunny Hundal posted an article on Saturday night which monitored changes to the councillor’s profile.

He said: “At the time his (cllr MacKenzie’s) Twitter biog stated: 25. Basildon Councillor. Assistant Member to the Leader. Work for an MP. Small State Conservative, Economic Liberal. Views expressed in my tweets are my own.

“After questioned about his tweet repeatedly, the Tory councillor changed his biog simply to: Economic Liberal. Views expressed in my tweets are my own.

“He also changed his Twitter picture to wipe any signs of his employer.”

Later on cllrmackenzie added further comment stating that his comments were: “Aimed at their tactics and idoitology of UK Uncut, I am aware that comments may have been interrupted (sic), however was not the case.”




  1. This is another example of disgraceful behaviour by the conservative group in Thurrock. Have we forgotten the Chaffrica comment last year, and other examples of oppressive comments by conservatives in the borough. We may have fought to get rid to the BNP in Thurrock but what is the difference between these mainstream politicians and those on the extreme right. Disabled persons deserve the respect of those elected to represent them. I wonder what Cllr Tony Fish who is a local champion for disability issues will feel about these comments. This is clearly a breach of some code of conduct!! and the council must take action. These people are anti- thurrock and spread hatred, i thought the council was meant to have a responsibility for promoting equality or is that a joke i’m absolutely mad about this ‘unwashed’ how dare he used this language to describe disabled people. A public apology would not be enough, he should stand down. I hope Mr Metcalfe MP does not share these anti-disability views???

  2. Cllr MacKenzie is a cllr in Basildon, not Thurrock. His views are not in any way linked to the Conservative group in Thurrock.

  3. Isn’t that fellow behind mr Metcalf one of those who was involved with a recent scandal involving an “unauthorized removal” of wine from another council event ?.

  4. How an earth must our prime minster be feeling.
    It was not so long ago that the poor man Buried his own disabled son,now he has to listen to a despicable young man come out with this.from one of his own members,sickening.
    The MP needs not only to sack him,but also see to it that he is made to resign from being a councillor.
    Colin I believe you are correct,but he didn’t work alone there were to others,one of whom was made to resign as acting deputy mayor & as a councillor. What has happened to the conservative party to allow such going on’s .

  5. @ Colin i think the scandal was either removal of wine with the then conservative mayor or a more recent case about stealing a hamper or something. i think he and the other man on the left are both Thurrock councillors. The issue is when will these elected people start representing the community not self interest. if he is not a local councillor i hope all local conservative councillors will stand up in joint condemnation of these ugly comments. it is very unfortunate that Thurrock conservatives are always in the press locally for some gaffe made against the community. The Chaffrica comment is a good example and the Redsell Scandal another. We do not want a new BNP in Thurrock disguised as ‘Conservatives’. This type of comments is hateful, wrong disgusting and vile. Cllr Phil Anderson must comment on this in thurrock to show he will not allow any local conservatives to discriminate against disabled people.

  6. Trisca “We do not want a new BNP in Thurrock disguised as ‘Conservatives’.” ? When has that happened before? Is that comment not vile and discriminatory also? Or is it OK to make up such slurs when it is about a Political Party that you don’t like? And why should Cllr Anderson comment? It’s nothing to do with Thurrock, God knows there is enough controversy in Thurrock as it is without importing some from elsewhere. Mackenzie is clearly an idiot for making such an impolite comment and does deserve to be dropped from his position.

  7. gray64 i voted conservative at the last general election to be clear. But i wont make that mistake again nationally or in the local elections. it is not my fault that locally the conservatives as a party make up most of the negative news that is on this site and across thurrock and it is not my fault that the local conservatives have become in my personal view similar to the BNP i did not make the chafrica comment which was a disgusting vile and racist comment. which as you must know was made by a thurrock conservative, exactly the type of comment made by the BNP in the past so my comment is a genuine concern that the local conservative party is becoming the BNP in disguise. I aint got the time to ridicule anyone i just look at the facts, I do agree with you, that Mackenzie is clearly an idiot for making such an impolite comment. He should step down.

  8. Sorry Trisca, games up, only a serving Labour Councillor would call that particular Mayor a conservative one!!!!!!!

  9. Trisca, whilst I woudl agree that comments like the ones that were posted by Cllr Mackenzie should warrant expulsion is not so dissimilar to a certain Labour Cabinet Member (Dianne Abbott) who has on several occasions tweeted and posted racist views and on each occasion the weak willed Labour leaders have done nothing to stop these.

    Whilst Labour have Milliband as their leader they will never amount to anything in this country……

  10. Lambo, i actually agree with you!! what your comments remind us is that politicians from both sides of the fence have an uncanny way of tweeting without thinking. But the extent to which conservatives have made such blatant and disgusting comments is staggering. Chafrica, the booze scandal, the hamper scandal etc etc. From Cllr Redsell, to Mackenzie to Cllr Revell, there are so many examples of short sighted, racist, vile comments about the residents they serve, the disabled comment is just another example. i can’t see how these people can be said to represent local people. At the end of the day both Cllr Kent and Cllr Anderson should be making a point to challenge these negative racist views and actions. On the point of diane Abbot i wouldn’t vote for her if she was the only politician on the polling card. It is about getting back to real politics helping the community and not self interest. Most of the news generated by these politicians is about blasting the other party, where is the mention of what they have actually done for the people. I accept that most of them are aimless in actually making things better for the people of Thurrock. let us see which political leader makes a stand about these comments. I have a feeling that neither will make that stand.


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