Update: Metcalfe aide claims comments were “misinterpreted”

UNDER-FIRE aide to South Basildon and East Thurrock MP Stephen Metcalfe, cllr Luke MacKenzie, has defended his controversial comments on twitter claiming they were “misinterpreted”

The Vange councillor has seen his comments “trending” on twitter after he referred to disabled protestors as “unwashed.” and suggested they go off to North Korea.

But speaking to YT on Sunday afternoon, cllr MacKenzie defended the comments.

He said: “I was directing the comments at UKUNCUT. I put UKUNCUT at the end of the tweet and it has clearly been mis-interpreted.

“UKUNCUT have been responsible for acts of criminal damage in London and I wanted to highlight that.”

Asked if he had any regrets, the 25-year-old councillor said: ” I regret that they have been mis-interpreted.”

YT asked the councillor, if he had spoken to his boss, MP Stephen Metcalfe.

He said: “We have spoken and I have his support. I have also spoken to Basildon council leader Tony Ball.”

Asked if he would consider stepping down as a councillor or as an assistant to the MP, the councillor said: “No. The comments have been misinterpreted and I stand by my concerns regarding UKuncut.”

Mr Metcalfe was unavailable for comment.



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