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Bulphan man on trial over Ipswich jewellery raid

AN off-duty cop has told of the dramatic moment he narrowly avoided being hit by a motorbike driven by one of the armed robbers who raided an Ipswich jewellers reports the East Anglian Daily Times.

Giving evidence on the second day of the trial of three men accused of taking part in the robbery at Goldsmiths Jewellers in Tavern Street last June, Pc Joseph Mullett recalled how one of the motorbikes used by the gang to escape, drove straight towards him.

The court has heard that during the robbery a gang got away with a £78,000 haul of watches from Goldsmiths after smashing glass display stands with an axe and a sledgehammer, causing £18,000 worth of damage to the shop.

Pc Mullett told the court how he ran out of a nearby shop and “lunged” at one of two motorcyclists waiting in the street while their accomplices smashed open display cases inside the jewellers.

He said that as he ran over the rider had told him to “back off.”

Asked by prosecution counsel Andrew Shaw what he was thinking as he ran towards the motorcyclist, Pc Mullett replied: “My initial intention was to push him over and grab hold of him until the police arrived.”

He said that as he lunged forward the motorcyclist had spun his bike round and moved out of the way.

Pc Mullett had then gone towards the other bike and that had also moved out of the way.

A man then ran past his right 
shoulder and jumped on the back of 
one of the bikes before it sped off towards Carr Street.

He then saw the other bike accelerate straight towards him at a high speed.

He said the bike didn’t collide with him and he couldn’t be sure if that was because he jumped out of the way or the bike swerved to avoid him. “I don’t know how it got past me,” said Pc Mullett.

Asked by Mr Shaw if he was sure 
the bike was driving at him Pc Mullett said, “He drove straight towards 

He said the bike had skidded to a halt five to ten feet away from him and at that moment a man ran past him and got on the bike which had then sped off along Tavern Street. Pc Mullett then went to the doorway of Goldsmiths to stop anyone going in and to preserve the crime scene until other officers arrived.

Before the court are Benjamin Murphy, 25, of Loughton, Essex; Danny O’Bryan, 21, of Bulphan, Essex and Charles Onyemelukwe, 24, of Camden. They have all denied conspiracy to commit robbery at Goldsmiths on June 15 last year.

Two other men – Dean Armstrong, 20, of Islington and George paget, 19, of Rochester, Kent – have pleaded guilty to the charge.

The trial continues today.


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